Online UV254 Controller for use at Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants 

IRIS online Controller

Fixed installation controller for UV254 probes displaying UVT, UVA, IRT and IR absorption along with surrogates measurements  TOC, DOC, COD, BOD etc

Ideal for water and wastewater treatment works. The device is accessible from your mobile phone or tablet over blue tooth.  Optionally data can be transmitted to the cloud if required.

Device is configured with the phone app. All data is logged for surrogate measurements and physical measurements UVT and UVA. The IRIS system can come with a flowcell and cleaning system to maximise your accuracy and minimise downtime.

The IRIS can report surrogate values for COD back to your control room every 10 seconds allowing you to react intime.

Data Sheet

IRIS Benefits


•Real time continuious measurement with results stored every 12 seconds 

• UVT  and UVA Measurements

• Reference measurement stored, no zeroing to DI water before each test

• Five different measurement ranges depending on the probe connected

• Continuous use LEDs for stability and long life, not mercury lamps

• Optional TSS


• Every measurement is stored for review and data export.

• All our measurements are datestamped and stored on the device, allowing you to track back the history of any set of measurements

• Store more than 500 million results, that is enough data for twenty years.

• Handwriting results into lab books is one of the biggest sources of errors in the modern lab. We can transfer results straight into Excel from the USB port or the cloud

IOT version

• IOT Option sends data to the cloud, your mobile/cell and to your desk

 • SMS alerts to compliment relays

 • Historical and trend data at your finger tips

• Data available online,  Save journeys to remote sites 

 • Information can be analysed by teams offsite and plan developed

• Attend site when results demand it, not when the schedule does

 • Configurable secure cloud service or on your own server

 • Device uploads data only. Changes can only happen on site. 

 • Dedicated user portal at


Ideal for remote or inacessible surveys and temporary installs

• Catchment network monitoring

• Industrial wastewater networks

• Borehole analysis

• CSO network

• Agriculture run-off sites 


 • Titanium, stainless steel and aluminium options

• Low operating costs

•No moving parts–minimal maintenance

• Relays to trigger external devices such as alarms, pumps and valves

• Automated pressure wash keeps optics clean

Easy Install

• Modbus Interface for third party controllers

• Automated calibrations saved on the probe

• Low energy consumption
• Complete system available

 • Connects to a scada system over 4-20mA

• Flowcell option or insert in pipe

• Calibration saved on the probe



• 4-20 mA x 2

• Relay x 2



• Mains

• Solar (option)

• 12volt dc


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