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Maintaining the optical probe of your UVT monitor is imperative to repeated ensure accurate and reliable measurements. This can be done manually with an optical cloth or manual wash system. Our Cleanse system is specifically designed to keep your optics pristine and optimize the quality of your optical measurements.

The Photonic Measurements Cleanse unit offers a high-pressure controlled jet wash that effectively removes unwanted deposits from the optics. It is connected to a local clean water source, providing a continuous supply of clean water for the cleaning process. One of the key advantages of the Cleanse system is its automation capability. When integrated with any of our controllers, the cleaning operation can be automated using just three parameters. This ensures a consistent and efficient cleaning process without the need for manual intervention.

The Cleanse unit is available as a standalone option or as part of a complete probe system. It is designed to provide a safe and effective cleaning method, eliminating the risks associated with other cleaning methods.

Traditional methods like wipers can potentially damage optics and fail mechanically, ultrasonics can cause etching over time, and chemical cleans are slow and can damage seals protecting electronic components. By utilizing the Photonic Measurements Cleanse system, you can confidently maintain the quality of your optical measurements, extend the lifespan of your probe, and ensure reliable and accurate data collection in your water quality monitoring processes.

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