UV254 Go!

Portable cuvette based device 

UV254 Go!

The Photonic Measurements' UV254 Go! is a Portable, Field and Laboratory Instrument for surrogate measurements of TOC, DOC, COD, BOD via UVA

The UV254 Go! is a portable UV254 analyser that enables measurement at different points within the water environment. Equally suited to measurements at the riverside as it is to measure a sample in the laboratory.

Place a cuvette into the UV254 Go! press measure and receive your UV254 and surrogate measurements of TOC,  DOC,  BOD,  COD  via UVA

Data sheet

UV254 Go! Benefits


• Our portable devices are icon-driven touch screens

• Allow you to store 16 different water matrices, on one system

• Ergonomically designed


• Ten hours on a single charge, letting you get a day's to work done on a single charge

• Charged over USB

• Battery as standard


• Support SUVA measurements and UVA

• We store your reference measurement, no zeroing to DI water before each test

• Our device has 5 different measurement ranges by supporting 5 different cuvettes sizes

• Continuous use LEDs for stability and long life, not mercury lamps


•Every measurement is stored for review and data export.

• All our measurements are datestamped and stored on

• The device, allowing you to track back the history of any set of measurements

• Store more than 500 million results, that is enough data for twenty years.

• Handwriting results into lab books is one of the biggest sources of errors in the modern lab. We can transfer results straight into Excel from the USB port on our device