Experts in UV254


Fast, simple, portable  or fixed  measurement of organic content in water

Photonic Measurements is leading the way with a set of products focused on measuring organic content in water including the measurement of UV254 UVA and surrogates NOM, TOC, DOC, COD, BOD & other parameters

Our products are used worldwide and our portable devices are available in many different languages.

Wherever you need to measure organic content in water, we have the tools to help you.
Our devices come in  different forms:

     • A cuvette based system
     • A dip probe
     • A fixed installation probe/sensor system
     • A Modbus probe/Sensor

Measuring effluent toc with UV254 dip-probe in wastewater works.

Our products are used in multiple water applications, including:

    • Water Utilities
    • Industrial Effluent
    • Receiving Water
    • Environmental Testing
    • Chemical
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
    • Agriculture / Aquaculture
    • Textiles
    • Food & beverage
    • Power generation

Suitable for processing, lab, and field environments. Our use of LED results in unparalleled longevity of our products, in addition to eliminating warm-up time and giving an increased accuracy

Measured effluent toc with UV254 dip-probe in wastewater works


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