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Fast, simple, portable  or fixed  measurement of organic content in water using uvt

Photonic Measurements ltd is leading the way with a set of products focused on measuring organic content in water including the measurement of UV254 UVA , UVT and surrogates NOM, TOC, DOC, COD, BOD & other parameter

Our products are used globally and our optical measurement portable devices are available in multiple languages.

Wherever you need to measure organic content in water, we have the tools to help you.
Photonic Measurements uv254 devices come in  different forms:

     • A cuvette based system
     • A dip probe
     • A fixed installation probe / sensor system
     • A Modbus probe / sensor

Measuring effluent toc with Photonic Measurements uv254 analyser (dip-probe) in wastewater works.

Our Parameters


Biological Oxygen Demand


Chemical Oxygen Demand


Dissolved Organic Carbon


Infrared Transmission


Near Infrared absorption


Natural Organic Material


Spectral Absorption Co-efficient


Specific Ultraviolet absorption


Total organic Content


Total Suspended solids 


Ultraviolet Transmission / Transadmittance 


Ultraviolet Absorption 


Ultraviolet Absorption at 254nm


ISO 7027

Our uv254 abs and UVT solutions

 Photonic Measurements is a device manufacturer  and all our products are designed in Northern Ireland and manufacturered in our Lisburn headquarters. We have a tightly focused product line and aim to provide a UV254 measurement for those based on a site and those who need a portable solution. The flexibility of our form factors allows you to continuously monitor a single point or to optimise an entire plant or to spot check multiple waterworks across a large region.

Portable Cuvette based system

Portable Dip-probe

Fixed Probe System

Flexible Sensor / Probe

Our uv254 Applications

Photonic Measurements products are used in multiple water applications, including:

Industrial Effluent

Do you know what is in you industrial wastewater? 
Is there hidden costs in dealing with your effluent? Do you pay to discharge over your limit of consent? Do you buy and recycle expensive reagent?  UVT UV254 sensors can give indicative measurements of your effluent every few seconds!

Food & Beverage

COD in final discharge whether it be flour from bread or sugars from  beer all pose a financial and environmental risk. The use of a continuous  use UVT UV254 allows indicative measurements of this part of the manufacturing process 

Water Utilities

UV254 testing at the raw water reservoir, clarifier, UV plant, contact tanks or the treated water service reservoir can be used to maintain the quality of your water while helping to minimise the need of cleaning processes, reducing your costs.

Environmental Testing 

Photonic Measurements provide  portable devices capable of giving indicative measurements of BOD and TOC. With a rechargeable battery lasting in excess of ten hours allows you to get a days work done.


Pharma has amongst the highest standards of water cleanliness.  It shouldn't look like this picture! We have the ability to get an indicative measurement of  COD/BOD/UVT to amongst the lowest levels you could wish. photonic measurements ltd optical measurement products come in multiple formats giving a solution for all pharma environments.


COD measurements are essential in every step of the dairy process from milking , discharge to the making of dairy goods. A continuous COD/UV254 sensor can help optimise these processes.


Photonic Measurements analyzers are used in multiple water applications, including:

    • Water Utilities
    • Industrial Effluent
    • Receiving Water
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Chemical
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
    • Agriculture / Aquaculture
    • Textiles
    • Food & beverage
    • Power generation

Suitable for processing, lab, and field environments. Photonic Measurements use of LED results in unparalleled longevity of our products, in addition to eliminating warm-up time and giving an increased accuracy

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