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We offer instrumentation for monitoring across drinking water plants, from raw water inlet, river extraction to the treated and safe, clean distribution of water. 

We understand that all water is different and has a lot of processing before it reaches your glass. We want to make sure that appropriate factors are highlighted to ensure the process runs smoothly and operators have physical, real-time water quality parameters in front of them when they are dosing or optimising their process.

For example Water Treatment Plants (WTP) use UVT Monitors to get real-time water quality measurements. Using the UVT percentage will then allow operators to adjust dosing in a feed-forward process maintenance and to reduce wastage. We provide this solution directly to SCADA to allow the operator to make these informed decisions and save plants wasting chemicals and money. Knowing when there is a spike in organics allows them to adjust the dose appropriately.

With our new developments we offer a full and comprehensive inlet solution under one controller. Measuring and monitoring pH, Chlorine, Turbidity and UV254. This quantifies water quality, and allows the plant operator scope of changes, spikes and troughs in their water quality.  

UVT Monitoring at intake of the WTP will allow the plant operator to adjust Dosing and Flocculation (DAF) based on how high the water quality is. If the UVT is quite high and the water is clean at inlet then the operator can choose to reduce the chemical or UV disinfection dose which can save money on chemical wastage or energy costs of a UV dose.

Measuring UVT post-process allows you to see if the dosing process has been effective in removing organic contents so that the water quality is always to acceptable spec. When linked to SCADA the UVT monitor can send a message to reroute the distribution to be reprocessed if the water quality measures low. 

The major benefit for WTP operators using UVT monitoring is that the results are real-time and continuous. Photonic Measurements controllers can be linked to the plants SCADA system, IoT Portals or data can be physically retrieved. Ask us about our range of solutions for sending UVT data and how to receive notifications from your UVT Monitor.

We offer a full consultation with our engineers and experts to kit out your Water Treatment Plant with instrumentation, so please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Drinking water output being measured by Photonic measurements for BOD, COD, DOC, TOC, NOM, UVA, UV254


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