Environmental monitoring using UV254 Go! in Mexico seen above.

Environmental Monitoring

Portable UV254 devices and Online UVT monitors are a used favourable by environmental departments to identify peaks and dips in water quality. Having a system which will alert you to a pollution event or to have real-time results of discharges to rivers and water courses, environmentalists see the benefit in using UVT.

UVT monitoring provides rapid results, allowing for timely decision-making and immediate action when addressing water quality issues. It enables faster response to potential threats or pollution events, minimizing their impact on the environment. Traditionally if an environmental agency wants to identify a pollution event, they would have to conduct investigations as to when discharges are likely to occur but using a discrete continuous online monitoring system, they can be alerted to a pollution event seconds after it starts. This will allow them to both stop the event as early as possible and to get regulatory samples when a known event is occurring. This enables environmental agencies to identify the polluter and take appropriate action to reduce future pollution and breaches in discharge regulations.

In comparison to tradition methods, UVT monitoring is fairly high-tech and contributes to a SMART water network. Using Photonic Measurements IoT and telemetry solution will allow remote access to data so the testing technician can access results from their desk at work, from their work from home station or anywhere within the mobile network. This is the future for data management in water quality.

Using UVT allows environmental groups to better manage water resource, protect ecosystems, and contribute to sustainable environmental practices. UVT Monitoring serves as an early warning system, detecting changes in water quality before they become significant issues. It enables proactive measures to be taken, such as adjusting treatment processes or implementing remediation actions, to maintain water quality within acceptable limits. UV254 measurements can help meet regulatory requirements for environmental monitoring. The data obtained from UV254 analysis can be used to demonstrate compliance with water quality standards and regulations, facilitating reporting to regulatory agencies. 


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