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Universal Controller

This is our most versatile controller, supporting a single Modbus probe and is used in a  range of applications with a 4-20mA output paired best with UV254 probe.
With a simple, intuitive and amply suited display screen combined with a 20-year data logger allows you to collect and display your data continuously. Its simple four-button keypad allows for quick and easy programming and setup. It has clearly worded menus and choice fields to guide you through the process for the best user experience.


Universal Smart IoT Control

This advanced, versatile monitoring instrument and data logger delivers accurate and reliable results to a range of platforms including our IoT portal for up to two probes. UVT results are presented professionally in real time directly to your laptop, tablet or any device with access to the internet. Data is also displayed on the sleek 7-inch high resolution touch screen providing unrivalled accessibility and clarity to your water quality results. 


IRIS Multiprobe Controller

IRIS is a state-of-the-art android tablet based interface with 4 probe capabilities including multiparameter sondes. The device was designed specifically for UVT Monitoring continuously at multiple locations for plant optimisation. Data and trends are presented in real-time on the tablet screen displaying up to 4 parameters at one time, i.e. UVT, Turbidity, COD and BOD and you can extract data through USB or SD card for post processing and trend identifying. 


Select Probe or Cuvette Pathlength

Our probes and cuvettes are designed with the user in mind. We have a range of pathlengths available for different use cases. All probes are compatible with all controllers and the cuvettes are used with the Go! controller. Read about our range of probes below, if you need more information we will be more than happy to answer your questions through email or through our contact us page.

Quartz Cuvette

Quartz cuvette for use with the UV254 Go! 10mm cuvettes will come as a standard with the products

Cuvette spacer sizes available: 1mm, 2mm, 5mm 10mm


MODBUS UV254 Probe 10mm

Our 10mm (1cm) pathlength UV254 probe is designed for local Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) with standard raw water inlet. This probe will achieve the necessary the accuracy and range to measure the UVT of this water


MODBUS UV254 Probe 2mm

The 2mm pathlength UV254 Probe is designed to service and measure Wastewater Treatment Plants (WwTPs) the smaller pathlength will allow a higher range which is expected in wastewater as it fluctuates more than drinking water. Use cases include aeration tanks, final effluent and storm overflows. 


MODBUS UV254 Probe Various

Not all water is standard and we have probes  to suit most user cases - Whether the water is pristine and you are trying to identify finer levels of contamination or you are measuring wastewater inlet, we will advise you on probe sizes.

Additional pathlength sizes available: 1mm, 5mm, 20mm, 50mm  


Select Lightshield or Flowcell

Our probes require a container to ensure there is not interface from outside sources of UV light. Read about options below.


Most of our probes and controllers are compatible with our Lightshield. Select this option if you want a probe based in-situ measurement system. This is most compatible with a 10mm or a 2mm probe with the Go! controller.



Our flowcell is commonly paired with the continuously measurement controller. This robust option allows you to continuously pass a sample through the pathlength of your probe. 

May require pumping or pressure for flow 



• Water Treatment Plants (WTPs): By installing a continuous UV monitor and linking it with SCADA or IoT systems, operators can predictively adjust their dosing accordingly.

• Wastewater Treatment Plants (WwTPs): UVT monitoring at final effluent (FE) is one of the leading methods of alerting operators to discharges to bathing areas.

• Trade Effluent (TE): Measuring UVT is beneficial for trade effluent clients as it directly correlates with organic Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), which is a key factor in the Mogden formula for calculating water bills.

• Environmental Monitoring: By installing a continuous UV monitor, water quality can be monitored in real-time, allowing for early identification of any potential issues.

• Industrial Processes: UVT monitoring can also be applied in industrial processes where the quality of the water is critical. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, UVT monitoring can be used to measure the purity of ultrapure water.

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• Integration: Integration friendly MODBUS probe, designed to fit universally to ours and third party controllers, it can also be integrated to SCADA systems over 4-20mA.

• Simple Calibration: Calibrate your UV probe simply by taking a baseline reference using deionised water. Calibration with surrogate measurements such as BOD, COD and TOC. is simple but will require at least 3 known samples but this will save for repeatable, reliable results.

• Save Calibration: Once the calibration process is complete you can save the calibration to the probe for repeatable results without the need for time consuming recalibrations.

• Energy efficiency: 240V or 12V options depending on needs and controller requirements.

• Flexible Setup: Probe can be used inside of a flowcell or used as an in-situ measurement device. 

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• Real-time Monitoring: Our UVT monitor and probe sensor will measure every 10 seconds and you can set the reporting iteration period on the controller.

• Pathlengths: We have a range of probes at different pathlengths, the reason for this is to offer higher ranges at small pathlengths and higher accuracy for larger pathlengths. 

• Surrogates: Real-time results indicating when spikes and dips of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) etc. are available. These surrogate measurements are not designed to replace the wet chemical tests, but to be complementary measurements which can be graphed and trended.

• Long-Life LEDs: Using LEDs rather than mercury lamps to produce UV light allows for a more stable measurement. LEDs have little warm up time and are relatively low noise. These are continuous use for maximum stability and accurate result reporting.

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 • Material: All our probes are made from corrosion resistant, water tight and high quality materials. Probes are available in aluminium, 316 stainless steel and titanium.

• Mitigate Mechanical Failure: The probes have no moving parts, resulting in mitigation of mechanical failure. Often optical equipment will be fitted with a wiper, we have consciously designed the probe without this due to breaking and replacing consumable parts

• Cleanse Unit: We offer an automated pressure wash cleaning system which can be set to clean the probe regularly based on a set timer or relay trigger

• Manual: The probes measurement path has been designed to be accessible by hand purposely. This is to allow clients using the probe in sanitary water conditions to decide upon their own cleaning option such as wiping the quartz glass with an optic cloth or a simple wash system.

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