Be prepared for on-site measurements with the UV254 Dip Probe. 

UV254 Dip Probe

For handheld application, the Dip Probe is a submergible in-situ measuring device for UVT (%), UVA (Abs.) or for surrogate measurements of Total Organic Content (TOC), Dissolved Organic Content (DOC), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and other organic parameters.

Portable, durable and easy to use, the Dip Probe is a combination of our stable UV254 probe and our innovative Go! controller for the perfect all-rounder in a tough, handy case. The Dip Probe is powered with a long-life, rechargeable, Li-Ion battery and comes with a spare battery for those long days of measuring. The Dip Probe can be submerged by hand for portable measurements, left fixed in an open channel for continuous measurement or floated for example in a side stream of a river.

One of the key benefits of the UV254 Dip Probe is the ability to save your calibration to up to 16 locations for repeatable, reliable results without the hassle of excessive recalibration.

The simple and user friendly interfaces allows the operator to have control of their measurements and data. With straightforward integration with Excel for data export. 

Selection of probe pathlength is key to ensure you get the correct range and accuracy for your application, we offer a range of pathlengths to cover all water no matter how clean or dirty. The general rule is the lower the pathlength the higher the range, and the higher the pathlength the higher the accuracy. Contact our team to find out more about probes and find out if the Dip Probe is the right option for you.

 The Dip Probe comes with a Light-shield to protect the probe from interference of ambient sources of UV light (The sun for example). Perfect for river water monitoring, Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Plants.

UV254 Dip Probe: Features & Benefits

•Real time continuous measurement with results stored every 12 seconds
• Support SUVA measurements and UVA
• We store your reference measurement, no zeroing to DI water before each test
• Our device has 5 different measurement ranges depending on the probe connected
• Continuous use LEDs for stability and long life, 

• Intuitive touch screen display and user friendly interface
• Allows you to save up to 16 separate sites for each water matrix calibration for accurate, repeatable, reliable results with a handy labelling system i.e. Effluent from Plant, Raw Water Inlet or Tank 1 etc.
• Various use case such as Water Treatment Plants, Environment Monitoring in Rivers, Trade Effluent uses in Creameries and Diaries with the list of use cases growing every year.
Data Log
• Every measurement is stored for review and data export.
• All our measurements are date stamped and stored on the device, allowing you to track back the history of any set of measurements
• Store more than 500 million results, that is enough data for twenty years.
• Simple integration with your computer with easy transfer of data to Microsoft Excel from the USB port on our device
• Ten hours on a single charge, letting you get a full days work in with a single charge
• Charged via USB
• Spare battery included as standard with purchase of hard case

UV254 Dip Probes in action

Our latest and best photos of the Dip Probes in different use cases.


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