In the pharmaceutical industry, where the incoming water must meet stringent quality standards, the utilization of UV254/UVT monitoring plays a vital role in optimizing the quality of the water supply. The optical measurement provided by UV254/UVT allows for fast validation of the effectiveness of any optimization efforts.

For pharmaceutical water applications, we highly recommend using a 50mm pathlength probe. This particular probe offers a higher degree of accuracy in measuring UV254/UVT levels. However, it is important to note that this probe does have limitations when measuring at lower ranges. It is specifically designed for very clear and clean water, where even the slightest level of contamination is not acceptable.

By implementing UV254/UVT monitoring with the appropriate probe, pharmaceutical companies can ensure that their incoming water supply meets the required quality standards. The fast validation provided by UV254/UVT measurement enables timely adjustments and interventions to optimize water quality and maintain the highest level of cleanliness and purity necessary for pharmaceutical production processes.


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