Empowering Water Quality Management with Real-Time DOC Monitoring via UV254

Dissolved Organic Content (DOC)


In the critical realm of water quality management, understanding the levels of Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) is paramount for ensuring the safety, efficiency and reliability of water treatment processes. Traditional methods of assessing DOC can be time-consuming and labour-intensive; Enter UV254, a game-changing parameter providing instant insights into DOC levels. Discover the transformative impact of employing Photonic Measurements’ UV254 Go! for immediate DOC estimations and how leveraging our real-time measurement solutions revolutionizes operations within Water Treatment Plants, Pilot Plants and source water testing.

The UV254-DOC Correlation

UV254, the absorbance of UV light at 254 nm, serves as a powerful surrogate for gauging the presence of DOC in water. DOC consists of a complex mix of organic molecules, which directly absorb ultraviolet light at this specific wavelength. By measuring UV254 we can quickly estimate the DOC in a sample, a pivotal indicator of water quality. This correlation streamlines the ordinarily complex analysis processes, facilitating rapid responses to changing water conditions.

Instant DOC Insights with UV254 Go!

The UV254 Go! from Photonic Measurements is designed to bring laboratory precision to your field operations. It offers instant, on-site readings of UV254 allowing operators to infer DOC levels immediately — no return trips to the lab, no lengthy waits for results. This rapid result not only accelerates decision-making but also enables timely interventions, crucial for maintaining optimal water quality standards and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Real-Time Monitoring with Photonic Measurements Solutions

For bodies of water requiring continuous, accurate and high-resolution data, Photonic Measurements advances water monitoring with our suite of real-time measurement solutions. These systems deliver uninterrupted water quality parameters including DOC monitoring, vital for Water Treatment Plants (WTP) and Pilot Plants overseeing source water quality. Continuous data flow uncovers trends, seasonal variation and sudden changes in water quality due to specific events or contaminations. We are equipping plant operators with the knowledge needed to make informed, instantaneous decisions.

Benefits for Water Treatment Operations

Real-time water quality monitoring transcends conventional reactive approaches. Using predictive maintenance and mitigation rather than trying to correct events such as contaminations or spills. For Water Treatment Plants, this means enhanced control over treatment processes, from coagulation to disinfection, ensuring efficient removal of organic constituents and safeguarding against disinfection by products i.e. THMs. Pilot Plants benefit from real-time data by validating treatment strategies under continuous operation, an invaluable asset for innovation and optimization. Monitoring source water quality in real-time helps in protecting raw water resources, anticipating treatment challenges and adds data to resources allocation strategy.

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