Turbidity Probe

 The measure of the cloudiness or haziness of water

Turbidity is the measure of how light reflects from suspended particles in water. These particles include proteins, minerals, algae, bubbles, dirt , bacteria and hydrocarbons. These particles may not be wholly visible on their own but can be seen as they  clumped together.

The higher the turbidity the cloudier the water. Turbidity is a trusted and tested simple indicator of water quality, and has been applied to monitoring drinking water for a century.

High turbidity can make chemical dosing inefficient and act as a major interference to sensors and lab based tests. 
High levels of turbidity can be an indication of high levels of suspended solid or TSS. In extreme case with high levels of particles a turbidity probe will be blind and a TSS probe will need to take it’s place.

A modern UV254 Chemical Oxygen demand analyser

Turbidity Benefits

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• Measurement every 10 secs

• Measure source water in real time

 • Data for site optimisation

• Savings on chemicals

• Savings on electricity
• Ensure quality by measuring final effluent 
• Regulatory compliance

WTP Turbidity Applications

Turbidity in Water treatment plants

• Minimise wear on pumps and pump systems 

 • Detection of  changes in water treatment influent

• Meet your regulatory requirements

• WTP optimisation


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